Jars of pink sweets Jars of red sweets Fizzy jelly worm sweets Jelly Beans and scoop

Contemporary, Vintage or Just colourful, fabulous Candy Buffets for all weddings & events!

What is a Candy Buffet….?

Basically, it is a table set with numerous glass jars and bowls, FILLED with wonderful, delicious and very yummy candy, chocolate, marshmallow, lollies…. whatever your heart desires!

  • Jars of red sweets
  • Jars of pink sweets
  • Jelly Beans and scoop

Our Candy Buffets bring the WOW factor to your Wedding, Corporate Event, Charity Dinner, Gala Ball, Fun Fair, or even Birthday Parties, for all ages! We are all kids at heart and love nothing more than tucking into a delicious sweet, bringing back those memories of 10p mix ups from the local sweetie shop.

Using your colour scheme, theme, season or occasion, your Candy Buffet Table can be created to complement your day, from a basic arrangement to something more elaborate, it can be customised to suit your taste and budget.

We also offer a huge range of other products/services, you will find most of these listed on our website.  However, as the possibilities are endless when it comes to using sweets, it would be difficult for us to list them all.. you may have your idea that we havn’t thought of, if you have please get in touch, we’d love to hear it.

Because we take safety very seriously,  we hold a Public Liabilty Insurance.

To create your own unique Candy Buffet, drop us an email we'd love to hear from you!